2019 More songs are being composed
2018 More songs are being composed
2017 "Newport Skates" song and music video was created
2016 Musial started Skate Dance Visitation III with some vivacious "MusicTech KidsĀ®"
2001-2003 Musial composed & recorded 13 more songs for SKATE DANCE "Visitation II"
2000 THE FIRST SKATE DANCE Album was released on CD.. "Visitation I"
Skate Dance was perforemed in the massive Buffalo Sabres NHL Hockey Arena for 16,000 Teens
The music video screened not just on the stage, but on the Jumbtron and was the FIRST JUMBOTRON video to ever be broadcast LIVE Around-The-Wolrd via the Internet!
1995-1999 Many live shows were produced in a variety of roller rinks and at a multitude of D.A.R.E. Graduations.
1995-1998 Musial composed a total of 13 songs and a script for a Cartoon Series (You needed 13 episodes for sa TV sereies at this time)
1995 Musial composed "SKATE NOW" and tested it. The result was another HIT!
1994 Musial produced a few live music shows in this rink, the outcome was incredible.
Thanksgiving 1993 The "Skate Dance" concept was concieved when the founder, Prof. David Musial too his 5 nieces & nephews to the "Orchard Park", NY Roller Rink (near the Buffalo Bills Football Stadium.) He went to many skate nights here in his teens and thought it would be a fun thing to do on the Friday after Thanksgiving. He "bumped" int "GENE" the original owner who he had not seen for about 15 years. This gave Musial the idea to co npose the song "Get On The Floor And Skate Now" as a memory. He recorded a version and gave a COPY to Gene as a "Christmas Gift". In Februaty of 1994 Musial returned and much to his surprise, Gene ordered the DJ to "spin it, he did and PRESTO... it has a HIT!